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Is it time to brag?

I guess this is the place where I brag about the things I've done so I can impress you, right?

Well, let's get that out of the way:

  • Raised in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Started a chain of hot dog stands in college called Southern Sam's: Weiner's as Big as Baby's Arm. It worked. But was hard!
  • So started an online store. It inspired me to move to San Francisco and start more internet companies.
  • So, I did. Co-founded a roommate matching app and sold it. But that wasn't a huge success.
  • Started a conference business called Hustle Con. Decent success!
  • Started The Hustle. I bootstrapped it to well over $1m a month in revenue. sold it to HubSpot for tens of millions. This could have scaled to $100m/year...but I sold too early! Oh well!
  • Started, a subscription service, to mid 7-figures in revenue.
  • Invested over $10m into startups.
  • Host My First Million, one of the most popular business podcasts in the world.
  • Currently own another company that will, without a doubt, be bigger than all the other companies I started combined. Will mention that another time!

Ok, got that out of the way.

The point of this is: I know a bit about business. I'm not an expert, I think. But I have an interesting perspective. 

You see, because of my podcast, The Hustle, and my conferences, I've been lucky enough to meet some of the most successful young founders in the world. Hundreds of them. Many of them you recognize. 

And in meeting them, as well as researching for my podcast, Trends, The Hustle, and, well, running my own company, I've been able to compile everything that I've learned about company building into this course. 

I never wanted to launch a course. And frankly, I don't know how much longer I'll keep this up.

But, it's up for now.

I'm doing this because I wanted a place to document the things I know. I also did it because many people have launched big companies based on this research process. And I want to see others do it...because it helps my ego and is awesome :). 

I'm charging a small fee for this course because 1) it took my a long time to do it and 2) I want people to take it seriously vs just some super long blog post.


- Sam Parr

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